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Have you ever wondered

Why “Certain” people are living the life of their dreams?
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In this extraordinary self-help book Freedom to Love, you will be given powerful psychological tools to end the cycle of stress. Based on over a decade of my clinical experience, having done more than 38,000 one on one consultations, I have developed a brilliant step by step practical process to lead you in creating a successful life with effortless ease.

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The powerful spiritual technology you will learn from this book is able to help release the destructive thinking pattern and negative emotion in as short as 60 minutes. This radical healing technology is only taught by Tao masters from the East. It is a sacred self-healing art in which psychological barriers are gradually removed to reveal the deeper truth buried deeply in your heart.

Remember, there are two predominating forces living in each of us.

One is the power of love

The other is the power of fear

Which one will manifest in your life depends on which one you feed.

So do choose wisely.



“One of the most powerful self-help books ever written.
An extraordinary gift to humanity.”

Freedom to Love is a life-changing masterpiece. It provides powerful tools to end the struggling so you can finally enjoy a life full of abundant joy… – Dr Deanna Minich Phd