In my last blog post, I talked about if you wish for a better outcome in 2016, you must reflect on your journey of 2015. Dump all the shits and only take with you what inspire and uplift you and keep that momentum going.

Today, I would like to give you a few powerful pointers to help with practical applications.

Here are the 7 powerful steps to create the best year ever. 

  1. Get a crystal clear vision of what your ideal 2016 looks like. Imagine it, talk about it, write about it, draw it, feel it. Be very specific in the details. What area of your life do you want to improve? Relationship, health, money? What exactly do you like to create? You want to get healthier, improve your love life, make more money, forgive someone, move to another country, get a raise, or start a business? Whatever it may be, create it in your mind; get that vision crystal clear! You possess all these awesome creative power in your imagination, so put it into good use.
  2. Be brutally honest with yourself, reflect on your 2015 and identify your sabotage demon. Identify the negative emotions and fearful thought patterns that have stopped you from improving your life situation last year. Be highly aware of these fear-based, negative inner talks, then gently remove them out of your energy field by re-focusing on your ideal outcome.

    Please do not fight, judge, condemn or justify their existence, they are there because you have created them, you have given them power to exist in your mind field. Once you identify them, simply see them as what they are—phantom villains created by your own imagination based on your past stories, nothing more. They simply disappear the moment you withdraw your energy from them. They are simply emotional parasites that cannot survive unless you feed them with negative emotions.

  3. Stop blaming. Not just because you shouldn’t, but because you are barking up the wrong tree if you blame. Blaming won’t get you what you want. Blaming is the greatest thief that steals all your opportunities to create something better for yourself.

    The opposite of blaming is appreciating. If you are blaming, have a look around you. Those who are still with you, supporting you, putting up with your shit, wiping your bottom, working extra long hours to keep your business or your life afloat, can you do without them?  You could be all alone, you know?

    Perhaps, appreciating people is a sign of appreciating yourself? Think about it. Appreciation is like an emotional fertilizer, it helps to grow more inspiration and enduring bond. Blaming is a poison, it kills people’s enthusiasm, and you will end up hurting yourself and your family. If you are in the blaming mode, stop it quickly, destroy the momentum, and turn around. Blaming paves the road to fatal destruction, be in business, marriage or any other relationship.

  4. Stop struggling so hard to get somewhere. Ego will give you enough will power to fight until you drop dead, you may achieve something at the end, but your life will be gone too. A much more intelligent approach is to partner with the Divine Intelligence, the force that creates all life forms. To do this, you must practice daily to connect to that part of existence. You have more than enough help out there to show you how to connect to the higher power, you just have to get off your lazy bum and do it. If you are struggling, that is because you have taken yourself out of the flow of a positive life creation stream.
  5. Every day, strive to walk with a sense of higher purpose, with that clear direction of your destiny, and work joyfully, laugh wholeheartedly, forgive freely, love openly, in other words, have fun along the way, in whatever you are doing.
  6. This point goes without saying because it is common sense, but unfortunately, it is not common practice, and that is: Get healthy. Without health, you have nothing. Sounds so cliché, but nothing is closer than this truth. Get back to the basics, detox your gut, support your liver, detox your mind, support your adrenals, balance your hormones, support your immune system.

    Be very mindful of mental, emotional toxins. They are invisible, but extremely powerful and destructive. These toxins are destroying millions of lives right now. You are also infected too if you are brave enough to see them. My e-book “ Detox your mind, transform your life” may be helpful to you to find a cure. It is free, you can download it from my website

  7. Here are 7 important words to remember, not just to remember, but carve them into your heart:

Balance, centered, harmony, compassion, expression, insight, and cosmic alignment.

I say the following statement to myself every day several times a day. I would like to share it with you.  Please note that this is not an affirmation. It is a serious declaration and intention. Say it with mindfulness, with absolute creative power.

“I choose to be balanced in this moment, I feel strong, supported and centered. I stand in the light of my soul, I partner with the creator and I choose to be in harmony with everything that has been created to support my growth.

I am compassionate towards myself as I am a child of the father/mother/God/Goddess and I extend this compassion to all those I meet. I only express feelings and words that are align with my vision, and I allow others to express the version of their truth without judgment.

I choose to see every life event from a spiritual perspective to grow my wisdom and insight. In every moment I can remember, I consciously, deliberately align my thoughts, words and actions to the grand plan of the cosmic evolution. I don’t know what this grand plan is, but I choose to trust, to have faith in the name of love. And so it is done, and so it is.”

This requires effort, dedication and time, I know. But this is the only intelligent way to live. This is your daily anchor; this is the declaration of what and who you want to be! Without this vision, you will be lost in the jungle of life. You will live your life by default, not by design. You will be driving around the circles. You may look busy, but you will get nowhere. And remember, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. If you don’t focus on your vision, you will get lost again.

So don’t get into the car and start driving unless you know where you are going.

So remember these 7 steps.

  1. Get clear vision of where you want to be, what you like to create in 2016.
  2. Reflect on your past year of triumphs and setbacks, identify your sabotage patterns and remove them.
  3. Stop blaming, start appreciating.
  4. Stay in the flow of positive life creation stream. If you get sidetrack, stop, and come back to your vision.
  5. Have fun, love life; honor your experience while you are fulfilling your destiny.
  6. Detox, get healthy.
  7. On a day-to-day basis, take time, make effort to declare your identity. Aim to balance your energy centers. Create positive anchor from which you actions are derived.

If you are diligent working with these 7 steps, I promise you that you will have the most awesome year ever. Everything you touch will turn to gold. Every dream you have will come true. Why? Because you have your vision, focus, dedication, and you will be in the most creative flow. When you are centered and anchored in this positive flow, the powerful creative force works with you, for you, through you!

This is when you become unstoppable….

Have fun creating

To your awesome year ever

Hong Curley

With Infinite love and gratitude