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Give Your Dad the Best Gift Ever this Father’s Day – His Freedom to Love

Every child wants to say “Dad, I love you.” No doubt, no matter how old you are right now, you still yearn to say these four beautiful healing words, “Dad, I love you”. Unfortunately, many of us wait till it is too late to express our gratitude and love to our fathers. Many of us [...]

Give Your Dad the Best Gift of All this Father’s Day

Give Your Dad the Best Gift of All this Father’s Day Every man on this earth yearns to have peace in his heart. Unfortunately, many men live with emotional wounds that destroy the possibility of peace. Without peace, a man’s mind goes to war. Without peace, a man’s heart is haunted by fear. Without peace, [...]

May peace be with you Robin Williams

While we are mourning for the death of Robin Williams and sending condolences to his families, we also need to respect his choice. While we feel shocked and shattered, we must not forget to ask ourselves this question: what really determines our happiness and contentment in life? Robin’s death challenges our value to the core. [...]

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What is the effect of the toxicity if your body is not detoxified?

Toxic overload results in an imbalance in gut flora (over 400 species!). This microbial “ dysbiosis” will result in the creation of microbial toxins such as endotoxin---the lipopolysaccharide cell walls of dead bacteria that constitute one of the most inflammatory substances known. It also results in the overgrowth of bacterial, parasite and fungus such as [...]

Why You Should Detox Urgently and How to Do It like a pro without costing anything

Why Detox In the modern world, you are constantly exposed to massive amounts of environmental and lifestyle toxins. The very air you breathe is loaded with carcinogenic chemicals.  Your precious water in cities and towns has become a soup, which poisons you daily.  Your intake of chemicals is increased with exposure to plastics, paints, pesticides, [...]

The Power of Love – Acceptance

Often, life does not make any sense to our mechanical mind. The sense of a matter only reveals itself to us from hindsight. When things do not make sense at that moment, do not fight it or resist it. Remember, whatever you resist persists. Whatever you fight against gains more power of its own from [...]

How do you attract more money?

If you think “I need more money because I don’t want to be poor”, then you are doomed to be poor, then you will never get rich. This very statement implies to your subconscious that “I am scared of being poor and I need more money to get rid of that fear.” This fear of [...]

Why hasn’t the “ Law of Attraction ” worked for you?

The failure in your pursuit of a rich, prosperous life lies in the misunderstanding of how to make the principle of the Law of Attraction work for you. You attract what you are within yourself. It is as simple as that. Some people make the Law of Attraction sound like some kind of secret, but [...]

Don’t lie to yourself

You must stop pretending that you have everything under control. Remember, do not value other people’s opinion more than your own truth. There is no difference in lying to others or lying to yourself. In a word, do not lie. If you feel like carp, say so, ask for help from friend and families. Those [...]