Accept each other in our perfect imperfection

In “How to see yourself as who you really are”, His Holiness the Dalai Lama taught, “Love and compassion are what we must strive to cultivate in ourselves, extending their present boundaries all the way to the limitlessness. Undiscriminating, spontaneous, unlimited love and compassion are possible even toward someone who has harm you and this [...]

Do you want happiness or suffering?

Just like you, every sentient being on this planet wants happiness, and does not want suffering. We must embrace this fact. We must also embrace the fact that we are not separated from each other. We are born of the one spirit, the spirit of love. Once we recognize these facts, we should never carry [...]

Who is responsible for the outcome of your life?

You must face the fact that you cannot overcome a problem if you don’t know its cause or do not have the means to remove it. If your life is full of problems, you must ask yourself: who caused all these problems? Who are responsible for them? Who should be fixing them? At the end, [...]

Is your social network a blessing or a curse?

Someone called me and asked me for help today. He suffered from very severe depression. I met him in a coffee shop a couple of weeks ago, he appeared to be happy. He spent the whole time communicating with his face book and twitter friends. “I have 2500 friends.” He told me with pride, “They [...]

Why is self-knowledge fundamental to your success?

Why is self-knowledge the key to personal development, success and positive relationship in every area of your life? If you don’t know who you really are, how can you expect other people to know you? If you don’t know your true identity, where would your authentic power come from? My experience told me that if [...]

Self-knowledge holds the key to your success

Self-knowledge is the foundation and the key to personal development, life transformation, success and positive relationship in every area of our life.  In the absence of true self knowledge, we hurt ourselves and others through misguided perception that we are separated from each other. We walk around with an inflated ego and identify ourselves as [...]

You possess an awesome power.

You possess an awesome power. From the moment your soul chose to walk on this earth, you were empowered with one of the greatest forces in the universe— the power to transform the possibilities of your mind into the reality of your world. This power is your consciousness; it is what determines the outcome of [...]