Just like you, every sentient being on this planet wants happiness, and does not want suffering. We must embrace this fact. We must also embrace the fact that we are not separated from each other. We are born of the one spirit, the spirit of love. Once we recognize these facts, we should never carry out any deed that would benefit ourselves at the cost of other people’s happiness. Everything and everyone around you is all part of you, so destruction of your so called “enemy” is the destruction of yourself. </br>
Many divorced couples strive to destroy their partners, either send them broke, or poison their children with negative scandals. In the end, like any other war, there are no winners. There will never be any winner in any form of war or fight.</br>
I have seen many divorced couples who fought and ended up with devastated results. The woman might have succeeded by getting the money and the custody of the children, but she ended up with chronic illness later on. Worse still, she often lost her children’s love and respect. You cannot try to destroy your children’s father and expect them to respect you for wanting to hurt someone they love.</br>
We really need to wake up quickly from this grand delusion. We will never win in any form of fight. We may appear to win, but deep down, we are hurt just as much as the one we have so called ‘defeated’.</br>
Confucius taught, “Before you embark on the journey of revenge, dig two holes, one for your enemy, and one for yourself.”</br>
Freedom to Love
Hong Curley