You must stop pretending that you have everything under control. Remember, do not value other people’s opinion more than your own truth. There is no difference in lying to others or lying to yourself. In a word, do not lie. If you feel like carp, say so, ask for help from friend and families. Those who love you will always be there for you without judgment; if you pretend and lie about how you truly feel, you are damaging yourself. Eventually you will break down in isolation and misery.

In my fitness class this morning, a lady looked pale, sick and depressed. Some people who knew her asked whether she was OK, she faked a smile and said that she was fine. I did not know her well, but I still went up to her and talked to her. I said to her, “You do not look OK, you are not OK, why do you need to lie about how you feel?” She stared at me for a few seconds, and then started to sob uncontrollably. I ended up talking to her for over an hour.

Whenever you pretend and lie about how you feel, your immune system shuts down on you, and your stress hormone will surge up. These factors make you sick physically. Some people lie about how they feel all their lives, this inner dishonesty is like an emotional cancer that kills the joy of living.
Stop lying, start living an honest life. If you do not like someone, do not pretend that you do. If you feel like crap, say so, do not pretend you are OK; Remember, when you lie to others, you are damaging yourself.

Freedom to Love
Hong Curley