Free Audio Book – Chapters from Freedom to Love

Each session provides you with stories to change the emotional quality of your life.

Life is much too important to leave control of it in the subconscious.  The series provides you with common sense methods and exercises to consciously address:

  • Changing your perspective and your emotional state.
  • Stepping back from the conflicting thoughts in your mind and conflicts with others.
  • Actions to regain your personal power and use it to implement change.
  • Finding and changing core beliefs.
  • Changes in your communication to create respect in your relationships.
  • How to create peace and quiet in your mind, even when there is chaos in the world.

CHAPTER 1 – The True Face of Love

3. My Wife Is Your Wife

In the fall of 1987, I travelled to a place called Tian Shui, a little town 2,000 miles away from the city of Xian, an old capital city of China where the terracotta warriors were discovered. After a very long and tiring train trip, I collapsed in a motel
room. I was there to do some research on the history of the Silk Road for my university graduation essay. One of my father’s former students was the head of the county, so he arranged access for me to certain museums and archived literatures…



 CHAPTER 2 – The Cause of Happiness

1. Why Are You Guys So Happy?

The year 1987 marked a significant milestone in my inner spiritual pilgrimage. Not only did I have the privilege to visit some of the world’s most sacred spiritual sites along the Silk Road of China, I also met some remarkable people along the way.

It was 4.30 a.m. on a Saturday in November. I was fortunate to be offered a guided tour to a Taoist temple 2,000 metres above the sea level on a magical mountain in Tian Shui County, Xi An Province…


CHAPTER 2 – The Cause of Happiness

2. The Happiest Train Station on the Planet

Once I had to catch a train to go to a rural county to support a local school project. There were literally thousands of people waiting at the train station. I had to wait for thirty minutes for my train to arrive. I managed to find a little space next to a concrete
post and used my luggage as a seat to sit on.

Suddenly, I noticed and realised that hundreds of people beside me were actually not waiting for the train; they lived in the train station permanently, sleeping on newspapers and hay. Many of them wore rags with holes all over them…