Give Your Dad the Best Gift of All this Father’s Day
Every man on this earth yearns to have peace in his heart. Unfortunately, many men live with emotional wounds that destroy the possibility of peace.

Without peace, a man’s mind goes to war. Without peace, a man’s heart is haunted by fear. Without peace, a man’s life becomes a battle ground of winning and losing.

Every dying man, at his last breath, wishes to make peace with his father, his brother, his ex-wife, his children, himself and even his enemy. Unfortunately, very few men fulfilled this wish, because by the time they realised they wanted to make peace with people, it is already too late. Their lives have passed them by and have left them with many painful regrets.

Please do not let this happen to your father. Nothing is more painful for a man to live or die with regrets. This Father’s Day, help your Dad heal a broken relationship, make peace with himself and the people he cares about.

Do you think another box of chocolate, another bottle of wine, another shirt or another fishing rot can fill the hole in his heart from his past wounds and make him happier than ever before?

Obviously not, so what can?

What other gifts could be better for your father than something to empower him? What could be more rewarding for you than knowing that your Dad has found deeper peace and happiness because of your giving? And what other gifts could be better than a powerful self-healing manual which he can use again and again for a life time?

Whether you are a loving son, daughter, wife or a friend, this remarkable book Freedom to Love is a perfect gift for the man you care about.

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Below is a link to download a free chapter from Freedom to Love, a remarkable healing story of a man who struggled with incurable sickness and how he healed himself, his father, his brother and his ex-fiancée by the power of forgiveness.

“I can’t forgive that asshole.”

By the power of love, all sufferings dissolve, all people heal.

Your father yearns for better health, deeper peace and greater happiness. Be the instrument of your father’s healing. It is the best gift you can ever give him…

When you help your father heal, you heal yourself and the life of your children.

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