Hong’s book review by Paul Mannon, the technical director of Health World Metagenics.

Interview questions at the Metagenics Update for doctors.

Freedom to Love is a recently published book by highly successful practitioner Hong Curley.  As a practitioner Hong uses a range of tools from TCM and Naturopathic disciplines to treat her patients, however perhaps the most remarkable tool Hong uses in her consultations is her ability to hone in on the underlying psychological drivers of disease, and to rapidly help her patients overcome these.

As practitioners we have all been in situations where despite prescribing the best treatment protocol, our patients have not been able or willing to make the changes we ask them to.  Hong has developed a way of working that targets the deep emotional blocks that many patients carry and influence them to make unhealthy choices.  By making her patients aware of these deeply held issues, Hong helps them to remove them as an obstacle to cure and patients then often make remarkable progress.

Freedom to Love is part autobiography and part detailed description of Hongs way of working with patients on an emotional and psychological level.  In the form of case studies Hong provides the reader with an insight into the actual therapeutic conversations that she conducts with her patients, and the tools that she uses to help reframe their view of the world and their health.  Often confronting, Hong pulls no punches when it comes to opening her patients eyes to the issues, but it is always done with a sense of love and respect for the patient.  The language is down to earth and practical, and often a bit colourful; it may not be to all readers tastes but is clearly an accurate rendition of the actual conversations that take place, and the results Hong reports speak for themselves.  A recommended book for any practitioner who would like to deepen their understanding of the underlying motivations that lead to poor compliance and relapsing unhealthy life choices in their patients.


Question:  Hong, what is the major factor you believe prevents patients from making healthier choices, and do you have any suggestions for how practitioners can overcome this?

The major factor that prevents patients from making healthy choices is their Ignorant Minds!!! Why would anyone with an intelligent mind do anything to harm themselves? Making unhealthy choices is like setting fire to burn down your own house, what kind of people will do that if not ignorant psychologically?

The biggest problem is that those with ignorant minds often want to hold on to their sickness with the purpose of strengthening their victimhood so they can blame someone else for their misery. Logically they think they want to get better, but subconsciously they run a secret sabotaging pattern to destroy the possibility of getting better. Losing their sickness means losing their power to blame. You simply can’t make these people better with just diet and vitamin tablets. You have to expose their delusion. They don’t see the world as it is, they see it as what they want it to be, and that, is the cause of all conflict, violence, war and the most dangerous psychological sickness. Without destroying this delusion, no amount of good medicine will cure anyone.

Practitioners can ONLY overcome this by awakening to their own delusion. Practitioners are no different from their patients. We are just as unconscious, we are just as identified with our own world view and we are just as good in distorting reality. The only way we can truly help our patients is by cultivating our own spiritual intelligence so we can overcome our own ignorance. When we become the light onto ourselves, we can light up their path to a greater, healthier life. We cannot authentically heal the life of others without healing our own lives. How can you save a drowning person when you can’t even swim yourself?

Question:  What are some of the risks practitioners should be aware of when confronting some of these deep emotional blocks in their patients?

The greatest risk for practitioners is the risk of not healing your own lives. I had 10 practitioners working for me at my centre; those who were successful were the ones who walked the healing journey side by side with their patients. They were authentic, honest, and vulnerable and that is what patients want. They don’t want you to just prescribe tablets; they want you to share your wisdom, your insight, your pain, your suffering and your freedom from suffering with them. They want to model you. They want you to inspire them.  Someone down the road can prescribe the same tablets, but if you are the one who understands their pain and transcends their pain into power to create a greater life, then you become their hero, then your words carry tremendous weight, and they will give you 100% compliance and pay you handsomely. Now if you are not doing this, you are taking the greatest risk, you are missing the point of being in the healing profession and you are losing a great deal of money.

Another risk practitioners can face is that you may lose patients because you don’t know how to deal with these deep psychological blocks yourselves once they come up to the surface. If you do not have firsthand experience on how to forgive someone, then please do not go there. It will backfire on you. The most important element in any healing practise is authenticity. If you do not walk your own talk, if you just want to talk your talk, you will fail because your talk will never transcend people’s suffering, only your own freedom from suffering can transcend them.

Talk is cheap, experience is gold. That is the difference between a mediocre practitioner and an outstanding practitioner. That is also the difference between a poor practitioner and a rich practitioner.

Let me also address a very important point here: Let go of your needs. “No need” gives you the greatest freedom, and freedom is what makes your juices flow. When you “need” the money from your patients to pay rent, when you “need” the respect from your patients to feel significant, when you “need” anything from anyone, you become powerless. The very “need” renders you a slave of the person whom you need something from.

Your practise success will never come from “need”; it will only come from freedom, from you fulfilling your higher calling and your higher purpose. When you function out of the inner state of freedom and overflowing love and creativity, you will fly to your success, rather than crawling around and never know whether you will ever get there.