Hong’s Interview transcript by Dr. Minich, the founder of the World Detox Summit.

Dr. Minich: Hong, Do you think toxicity is a concern for the average person?

Hong: Yes of course, toxicity is a major concern. How can toxic people create health and happiness?

What concern me the most, however, are the mental and emotional toxins that poison the heart and delude the mind of people. We say we want happiness, but we hang on to our misery. What stops us from being happy except our choice to be sad? What stops us from being healthy except our choice to stay sick? The only way to get out of suffering is to go into our inner joy, but it takes work, it takes dedicated inner work. The question is:  are we willing to pay the price?

We say stress is the biggest killer of modern society and is the main cause of our sickness, but who creates this stress? We talk about stress as if it is something coming to attack us from the outside, but is it really?

To my understanding, stress is nothing but the effect of the toxic heart, toxic mind created by the toxic thoughts.  

It is nothing but a grand display of the power game of our ego, driven by our greed and hunger for significance. We, ourselves, have created every bit of it. We take on more than we could handle, we spend more than we could afford, and we strive for more and never feel content for what we have. We aim for higher and higher goals, compete with others, because we are so afraid to be a nobody. Since there is a price to pay for everything we want to get, we pay the price with our health, with the health of our family and children. 

We achieve external success, satisfy our ego’s desire to earn significance and then we come home to a broken family, broken relationship, and broken body.   Then, instead of claiming responsibility for our broken life, we blame someone else and something else for it, worse still, we give our power away to doctors and therapists and expect them to fix it for us. Now what, could be more toxic to our life than this delusion?

My major concern, is that the average person is not even aware of this situation. They don’t seem to get the fact that you reap what you sow. Every choice you make has a consequence, everything we want comes with a price. 

Many patients said to me, “I am fine one day, then suddenly I develop this tumour.”  It is really heart breaking to see the ignorance of our fellow beings. How can we be so ignorant that we think tumour could be grown in a day, suddenly???

We have an intelligent biological system that gives us signals when something is going wrong inside our body, but we choose to ignore them, we eat pain killers by the dozens every day, and we think we can get away with it? How can we be so stupid?

Let me share some of my experience with you. For over a decade in my private practise, as a Chinese Medicine Doctor, I saw many sick people whose diseases were created by the toxic thoughts of their mind. 

I have conducted 38,000 consultations, these clinical cases validated, time and time again that people who suffer from anxiety, panic attack, depression have been poisoning themselves with thoughts of fear of not being good enough, not being loved enough, not being worthy enough, or not being significant enough.

People who suffer from chronic digestive disorders have been poisoning themselves with thoughts of guilt, shame, worries and resentment. And, People who suffer from immune disorders have been poisoning themselves with the thought of being a perfectionist… these people are so afraid of being judged and disliked by others, they strive to be perfect in the eyes of others, they are so scared of not achieving, so scared of losing external power, so scared of not winning, not being the best, ……and so in the process of trying to be the best, their mind constantly attacks themselves for not being good enough. These people often end up with auto immune disease in which the immune system attacks their own tissue and destroys itself. To me, metaphysically, autoimmune disease is just an external manifestation of inner conflict, self-judgement, like a civil war that goes on without end.

I discovered the importance of mind detox at the early stage of my practise. I treated sick people with great success using Chinese herbs, nutrients, detox, diets, acupunctures, but the effect never lasted. I cured their symptoms, but the symptoms returned a few months later, because I did not help them heal the deep seated cause of these symptoms. And the cause is often, the sense of guilt, shame, worry, fear, greed, anger and so forth. It wasn’t until the day I started to work within their psychology, help them release the guilt, fear and anger, they healed their chronic diseases for good.

So I do want to use this opportunity to urge the audience who are listening to this talk to look deeply into the cause of your illnesses. Remember, no one can cure your disease for good with any magic potion until you take full responsibility and heal the deepest cause within yourself.

I will give you an example of what I meant. One of my patients Mary sold her family home to pay for her medical bills. By the time she came to see me, she was on 7 different drugs and 10 different vitamin pills and 2 herbal potions. After seeing countless specialists, doctors, naturopath, psychologists, after going to so many health retreats, detox centres, she is still getting sicker. When I saw her, she was broke, devastated and she was giving up hope. It was really good that she gave up hope because people must give up hope that someone is going to rescue them Some Day in order to make a commitment to rescue themselves Today.

Mary was cured of all her diseases in 6 month with me. I did not cure her, she cured herself. All I did was to expose her deluded mind, her negative belief that she had no love in her life and she was worth nothing. I lent her my spiritual vision so she could see how the undercurrent of her negative thought patterns had been sabotaging her healing ability. As I said, I did not cure her, I just helped her break the chain from her past trauma, destroyed her delusion that someone else was responsible for her illnesses and put the power back into her own hands. In a nutshell, I did a mental, emotional detoxification and a spiritual rejuvenation for her.

The chapter in my book titled  “ The Rise of the Phoenix.” was the amazing healing journey of Mary. She truly is an inspiration for all the women out there.

I want people to know that nothing can cure you faster than your own healing power. It is very disempowering to relinquish your responsibility. If you go to your doctor or your therapist and say “Here is the money, cure me.” You will stay sick forever. If you go to them and say “I am responsible for causing my sickness, I am ready to work with you, I would like you to empower me with your wisdom so I can uproot the cause of my disease.” Then you just step into the path of quantum healing.


Dr. Minich:  That is fantastic, Hong. I love it. What kinds of toxicity do we encounter in relationships?

Hong: Strictly speaking, there is actually no such thing as a toxic relationship. Relationship does not exist without the interaction of individuals. So the so-called toxic relationship is just individuals with toxic mind coming together and brings out the worst in each other. It is impossible to work on the so-called relationship without working through the crap that each person carries within him or herself. 

You asked what kinds of toxicity we encounter in relationships.

The major one I see here is that we go into a so –called relationship in a state of inner deficiency. We place unrealistic expectation onto our partners. We expect them to fulfil our needs by giving us what we want, we expect them to love us the way we desire to be loved, rather than accepting the way they know how to love. If they don’t fulfil our needs, then we manipulate them into feeling guilty and then we embark on a lifelong mission of forcing them to change according to our own value. In this process, emotional violence is born and brought into very bitter fruition.

Adulteries, domestic violence, marriage abuse and so on are not the cause of the so-called toxic relationship, these are the effects of the deeper cause. The cause is hidden in each individual person’s psyche.  So if you are in a toxic relationship, do not blame your partner. All the things you do not like about your partner are reflections of your inner qualities that you are trying to disown.

I will give you an example. Your partner may be an alcoholic, while you may be a workaholic, or a shopaholic, or what I called a whingerholic. His alcoholism is there to remind you of your workaholism or shopaholism, or whingerholism. Forcing him to change is not going to work. He won’t change until you no longer need him to remind you of your own addiction.

If you don’t want your partner to be violent towards you, stop being a nagger, a whinger, a complainer, an accuser, a game player or a door mat. You cannot change each other. You can only change yourself. When you change, he or she will naturally change, and if he or she does not want to change, then they are indicating to you that it is time for you to move on. Remember, at any stage, you are each other’s mirror, and so that makes you each other’s best teacher.

In the spiritual sense, your soul has chosen to go into the relationship to create a higher version of you. Relationship is like a mini university for you to learn how to grow into a better person. It is very hard to grow on your own because you have no reflection, your eye cannot see itself, you cannot see your blind spots. So relationship becomes a sacred ground for people to reflect and recreate. Unfortunately, people with toxic minds have managed to turn the relationship into a battle ground of the ego. Many children grow up in this emotional war zone and are damaged by this irresponsibility..

It is very sad to see couples trying to kill each other in the process of divorce. People are so stuck in the delusion of rights and wrongs; they end up throwing away the precious diamonds in exchange of rocks.

I had a really sad night last night. My 16 year old son asked me to come to his room, he said that he had something really serious to tell me. I had never seen him look so devastated before. When I went into his room, he asked me to sit down on his bed, he came to sit next to me, then he started to cry.  “Mummy…. my friend Eric died today, he killed himself….”. The ground below me dropped a million miles, my heart stopped and I could not grasp my next breath. I looked at him and I yelled, “ Eric? Your friend Eric from primary school?” His face was flooded with tears and he nodded his head, “Yes, that Eric.”

I cried all night…. I prayed for his peace, I grieve for the loss of a fine beautiful young man whose life was taken before he has a chance to shine.

This boy’s parents went through a harsh divorce. One day, about 5 years ago, his father said to me, “ I just took on a second job so I could send Eric to a private school.” I said to him, “That means you would not be there for him. The kid needs his father more than he needs a private school.” “No” he said to me, “He does not need me more than he needs a better education. His mother had taken everything from me, including my dignity. I must work hard to give him a better life.”

What is this “better life”? What have we done to our kids? How many more kids must die to wake  up us parents that the kids need us more than anything else?

  • 96,000 children commit suicide every year in the USA. Most of the parents of these kids had no idea that they were unhappy. How could we let this happen?
  • How could we parents not notice that our kids were so unhappy that they would rather die than live?
  • Your kids could be thinking of killing themselves right now, would you know? Is your family immune to this tragedy?

Folks, please, if you are fighting against each other, please stop, do it for the sake of the kids. Nothing you are fighting for is worth more than the life of your children. If you don’t give a shit about your own life, then please at least care for the life of the kids. It is really unfair for you to dump your selfish crap on them. They just can’t cope, you know. You are the only security they can count on. If you are falling apart and are turning into enemies, what hope do they have?

If you are a parent with teenage kids, go home and ask whether they are OK? Look them in the eyes and see and feel how they feel. Talk to them, do not talk over them. Treat them with love and respect, treat yourself and your partner with love and respect. At the end of the day, you all want peace, you all want happiness, you all want a good life. A good life cannot be created by fighting; it can only be created by loving.

The dream of any child is to have a set of happy parents. A toxic relationship will only create a toxic environment in which children either suffer and die or rebel against you, but then repeat your mistake and keep the cycle of suffering going for many generations to come.

For those who are struggling with relationship problems, I urge you to read the chapter of my book titled “A beautiful divorce”. The wisdom in this chapter will give you the tools and the power you need to detox your mind of delusions, turn your relationship around and heal your marriage for good. When you heal your relationships, you heal the lives of your kids naturally.


Dr. Minich: Tell us about one of your “toxic” case studies.

Hong: Michelle and Kevin went through a very bitter divorce. Michelle blamed Kevin for everything that went wrong in the relationship; Kevin ended up having an affair and then blamed himself and lived in the state of guilt and shame for many years. By the time they came to me, they were both very very sick. Michelle had put on 20 kgs and suffered from extreme muscle fatigue, pain and exhaustion while Kevin suffered from very serious  Gastroparesis, he could not eat or sleep, and was on the edge of giving up his life.

Michelle never forgave Kevin; she hated him so much that she could never have a conversation with him without ending it in violent fights. I never intended to work to repair their relationship because I do not believe in the so-called marriage counselling. I want people to work on themselves. I work with people to release their inner guilt, shame, blame and anger. Once they release this suffering, compassion and understanding will arise within them. They then naturally offer a higher part of themselves to the relationship, and the relationship simply heals itself as a result of their own inner healing.

So, I worked with Michelle and Kevin individually. I detoxed their delusional mind with the power of spiritual wisdom.

Michelle was consumed by hatred, anger, power and control, while Kevin was consumed by the sense of guilt and shame, and worthlessness.  I got Michelle to see that her hatred and anger were like drinking poison and expect Kevin to die and her need for power and control had manifested into her massive weight gain. These negative destructive emotions were the main causes of her illness, pain, obesity and extreme exhaustion.

I made her see her power game playing with Kevin was exactly what drained all her energy. I made her see by blaming Kevin, she drove herself deeper and deeper into the prison of victimhood. From the moment she realised that she created every bit of her illnesses, she broke the chain from her past trauma. The moment she realised she was also responsible for her marriage breakdown, she released the blame and by releasing the blame, she gained her inner freedom to also forgive herself. It was not an easy task for her or me, but I gave her the clarity by eliminating all the bullshit stories created by her deluded mind and we got there in 6 month.

The best part of the story is that her healing and her drastic transformation gave Kevin hope.  Three month into her program, he came to see me too. Let me read a little bit of this couple’s healing story at the end of Kevin’s chapter. I dedicated the whole chapter 5 to them and I titled it “A beautiful divorce.”

……“While Kevin was lying on the treatment table receiving acupuncture, Michelle was standing next to him stroking his hair. The way she looked at him was like she was looking at a newborn baby, with so much love, joy and wonder.

Kevin stared at Michelle, and then he smiled, then laughed, then tears streamed out and rolled down his cheeks. I was going to put an acupuncture needle in the centre of Kevin’s chest, a point called ‘Tan Zhong’ with the aim to release deep blockages, but as I witnessed the healing of this couple and watched them falling in love all over again, I knew I no longer needed to put any needle into Kevin.

He was healed, she was healed, they were healed, together, they had risen from their so called ‘failed marriage’; they gave a new meaning to an old experience;

They threw away their old bottle, got a new one and filled it with new wine. They were resurrected from the death of their relationship by the power of the spirit, and they had risen to a new form of love; they had turned bitter water into sweet wine and transformed the lead of life into the gold of the spirit. They were flying like two eagles, soaring high on the wings of God, on the wings of love into their heaven on Earth….

I left the room quietly, closing the door for the couple to rejoice in their tenderness. When I walked out, my office manager saw my face, full of tears. She asked me, ‘What have they done to you?’

‘They have revealed to me the true love of God.’ I answered. Then I walked to the waiting room, where more than ten patients were waiting to be seen by different therapists. I walked to each one of them, with tears pouring out of my eyes. I hugged them and told them that they were very special and that I loved them.

At the end, we had a huge group hug, and we promised to each other that we would go home and hug our family and tell them how special they are, and how much we love them.

Tens of thousands of people were hugged and told they are special as a result of Kevin and Michelle’s healing. This higher form of love created a butterfly effect that penetrated deeply into the heart of people it touched.

Little did they know that their own healing would heal so many people, but that’s how the Spirit of love works. When one of us heals, the whole world heals with us because we are all connected in the divine matrix of love. It is from love that we come from, so it is to love that we must return.

It is only in this love  that the cause of disease can be cured from the root.

And this is the love that is going to stop the suffering of the world . . .”……..


This is a very powerful story of how people can turn anger into peace, fear into love, sickness into health radically by following the path of wisdom in which forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, compassion lead the way. It is very healing just to read through this couple’s journey. I want readers to see and experience how enemies can turn into friends and lovers, when we are able to let go of our delusions of rights and wrongs and learn to speak the language of the heart.


Dr. Minich: Wow, Hong. I remembered I have read this story prior to the publication of your book, but listening to you talking about it is truly inspirational. Hong, What is the best “prescription” for toxicity?


  1. First of all, we must recognise our ignorance and accept that we have a delusional mind. This is the first step to detox your mind. Without this awareness, all the so-called inner work will be another delusion. The worse situation for us humans is when we take delusion as the reality. We take subjective truth as the ultimate truth. We do not see things as they are, we see things as what we want them to be. Our delusional mind distorts every possible situation and we make decision based on these delusions. So first, recognise your delusion and develop an inner awareness of impartiality. The moment you recognise your ignorance, you open the door way for higher wisdom to come through and guide your way.
  2. Secondly, have the clarity of who you are. If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. If you do not know what kind of inner quality you want to have and stand strong within that power, you will end up to be what others want you to be.When you are clear of your spiritual identity—a powerful, expansive human being with the infinite ability to forgive, to heal, to love,  to evolve, then this clarity will give you power to collapse any toxicity.Higher frequency always collapses lower frequency; higher perspective always collapses lower perspective; love always collapses fear; forgiveness always collapses anger; evolution always collapses degeneration, every time, without fail. This is the law, the law of the universe that cannot be denied. The higher always collapses the lower.

    So remember, spiritual power is so much more powerful than the power of your mind. Engage spiritual practise into your daily life. When you tape into the abundance of the spirit, you have its powerful force working with you, and everything flows in harmony with the divine whole.

    Dr. Minich, you have posted a saying on your Skype page, it says “What is essential is invisible to the eyes.” This is a wise view we must take. Stop looking outside searching for something you will never find. What you are looking for cannot be seen by your eyes, neither can it be heard by your ears. Stop looking for things as if you have lost them. You Cannot Lose What You Are. Go into yourself. You are a temple full of spiritual treasures.


  3. Thirdly, be kind to yourself.  You are a miraculous creation of the most powerful force in the universe. You have a precious human life. Nothing is more disrespectful to God than poisoning yourself with toxic thoughts and toxic foods. When you do not care for yourself, you are dishonouring God for the gift of your life.I will never forget something my first naturopath said to me. His name was John, he was a fundamental naturopath. I was eating pretty bad food at the time. He said to me, “ Hong, If God comes to stay with you, what would you feed him, would you feed him these crap food????? Feed yourself what you will feed God. When you are poisoning yourself with toxic food and toxic thoughts, you are killing God’s child. You are a murderer.” It sounded very serious and drastic to me at the time, but I appreciated his view and understood where he was coming from. In a way, he was so right.


So folks, detox your mind, heal your heart, otherwise, you will ruin your life. It is your good fortune that Dr. Minich is hosting this detox summit. 29 other world’s top health care leaders are going to share their words of wisdom with you. How lucky are you to be gift with this opportunity?


I am sure at the end of this summit, your life will blossom like never before. Imagine living a life of vitality, happiness, peace and abundant joy. When you have these essential qualities of a great life, success and prosperity becomes inevitable.



Dr. Minich: What do you do with toxic people in your life?


Hong:  The most common answer to this question is just to “get rid of them”. But unfortunately, you can’t get rid of toxic people in your life by trying to get rid of them. The reason these toxic people are in your life is because your inner toxic qualities have attracted them to come to you. You can get rid of these so called toxic people, but soon you will attract different people with the same inner qualities to come to you, and the cycle will start again.


What do you do with toxic people in your life? Leave them alone, there is nothing you have to do about them. You are not responsible for anyone else’s inner work but your own at this stage. When you shine as a result of detoxifying and purifying yourself, your inner light will illuminate your circle of influence. Those who are interested to shine like you will be inspired by your change and will embark on the journey of inner work just as you did; those who still want to be stuck in the detox world will shy away from you and leave your circle.


So, if you are surrounded by toxic friends, it is only because you have attracted them to come to you. If you do not want them, get rid of the toxic qualities within yourself, transform them into beautiful qualities, then beautiful people will come to you. Don’t forget, you are a piece of magnet, you are a radio transmitter. Your frequency attracts other frequency that resonates with you. So it is all in you. Try to get this into your head, into your being. It is all in your own hands. You have created every bit of it and so you have the power to change all of it.


Dr. MinichWhat are 3 takeaways on detox for the listener?


Apart from detoxifying the crap out of your system, you must also build inner resilience so your immune system can override the effect of toxins and eliminate them as soon as they enter or as soon as they are formed. Many forms of toxins are hormones induced by stress response of your own nervous system.  I will leave these topics to other experts like you to talk about. What I want the audiences to remember here and take it home with you is that spiritual wisdom is the most powerful healing force, and it is yours to will. It is what is going to build your emotional and physical resilience. Medicines can cure your symptoms, but cannot heal your heart and spirit. On the other hand, when you heal your heart and spirit, many sicknesses dissolve automatically.

Old keys cannot open new doors.  Old perspective cannot create a new life. Remember, no one can truly heal you if you do not let go of your victim story from your past. It is in the letting go of the past, abundance of new possibilities will come to you.  

Within each and every one of us, we have the incredible power to transform the most traumatic experience into the greatest wisdom. Every trauma is a blessing in disguise.

Those who have hurt you are your greatest teachers.

The most tragic situation holds the seed of your greatest freedom.

And the darkest hour of your life contains the possibility of your greatest awakening.

When you see this truth, your will be set free to accomplish wonders.


Thank you Dr. Minich.

Dr. Minich: Wow, Hong, you just blow me away. I am breathless. I love it, I love it, I love it!!! Thank you so much Hong for your incredible wisdom. People will not just hear what you are saying, they will really listen. You speak to people through your heart and spirit, powerful, powerful stuff.  People will have to listen to this talk many times, over and over again. How incredible! You truly are a gift to the world. Thank you….. thank you for being part of the World Detox Summit, and thank you for your brilliance and light…

Hong: I am grateful and humble for being part of this world wide movement on detox and purification. I am just a small piece of thread that is weaved into the fabric of humanity’s inner transformation. The wisdom I have shared with you does not belong to me. They are universal wisdom that was gifted to me by people I met along the journey of my life. So I am humbled and I thank you for giving me this opportunity for these wisdoms to be heard by the world through my voice…”