If you think “I need more money because I don’t want to be poor”, then you are doomed to be poor, then you will never get rich. This very statement implies to your subconscious that “I am scared of being poor and I need more money to get rid of that fear.” This fear of being poor and this need is your inner core. Your inner core sets up and sends out your vibration to the ethers, which in turn, attracts more of the same vibrational events into your life to make you feel poorer.
So how do you attract more money to come into your life? If you want more money, you must love money, you must appreciate the money you currently have and be thankful for it, even if what you have is only $1. Focus on what you have, celebrate for what you have, be thankful for what you have, instead of complaining about what you do not have. When you celebrate in gratitude and happiness, you charge up your vibration, you send out high frequency which in turn attract event of high frequency back to you. Whatever you give out comes back to you. When you complain about not having enough money, you are only going to attract events that reinforce your experience of not having enough money.
So focus on loving your money, remember, whatever you truly love will come to you more and whatever you truly fear will come to you more too.
Money is pure energy. When you are fearful of losing it, you charge it with your fear, but when you use it for a good purpose, you always generate more of it with your positive energy.
I came to Australia 23 years ago with only $20 in my pocket. I met a homeless person on my first day here when I visited China Town. He was searching for food in a rubbish bin outside a Chinese restaurant. Without second thought, I spent $8 on two boxes of take away Chinese meals for him. The owner of the restaurant was touched by my giving, and immediately she offered me a job.
You see, I did not care about the fact that I only had $20 in my pocket and how I was going to get through my week. When I saw the homeless guy, my first impulse was to give him some decent food. The only reason I could have done that must have been because I had this strong faith that I would be all right. This faith is like a light that disperses the darkness of fear of not having enough. I made $450 that week.
Today, I no longer need to work for money. Money is making money for me. How did I attract this money to come to me? By loving it, by being thankful for what I have, by not being fearful of not having enough, by giving it away to someone who needs it more than I do, by detaching from obsession of it, by becoming the master of money, rather than a slave of money. It is a good feeling, believe me, when you no longer need money, you obtain the freedom to do what you love.

Freedom to Love
Hong Curley