My dear Friends,

Merry Christmas…..we say this to everyone during this time of the year. But what does it mean? What does Merry Christmas mean? Why do you celebrate Christmas in the first place?

I sat at a coffee lounge in a major shopping centre yesterday, watching busy shoppers rushing by. Is Christmas just about shopping for presents? Getting together for eating and drinking? About Santa Clause coming to town and give the “good” kids presents? Have we really forgotten the true meaning of this day?

How can it be forgotten? How can we be so terribly lost touch with the true meaning behind this special day?

I want to wish you all a holy Christmas; and I also want to remind you to hold dear what it truly means to your spirit to celebrate the birth of a King who has conquered himself. He was born in the dark stable in the middle of the night, but he has become the light unto himself and for us all to follow.

We herald the coming of Christmas with so much white noise, flashing electricity and mechanical carols. We all look so busy and joyous in the celebration. But what are we celebrating?

When you say Merry Christmas to someone, mean it. What does it mean though? To me, it means I love you for who you are, not for who I expect you to be; it means I wish you to be truly happy, to be truly blessed; it means I forgive you, I release you from your wrong doings and I accept your imperfection in a loving way; it means I will live my life as Jesus lived his; it means I will be the light unto myself and my love to others will be the extension of my love to myself….it means your happiness is very important to me, and I wish you grow as I grow, I wish you shine as I shine, and let us shine together in the light of love, forgiveness and compassion; it means to strive for inner peace so we can collectively project our peace into the world…

This Christmas, do something a little more special and meaningful. While you are eating and drinking, remember to say a loving prayer to someone less fortunate; forgive someone, give someone a second chance; be really kind to yourself and accept who you are, rather than what you think you should be; let go of a grudge you hold towards someone and release them of your bondage of blame, this is healing for both of you; say something really nice to someone such as, “ You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

This Christmas, when you drink champagne, drink it with a bit of awareness. Don’t degrade the experience into one of ordinary feast. Drink to the teaching of Jesus Christ. Drink to the Love he displayed with his life and death, because love is your King, your saviour.
If you are struggling with some form of personal and family issues, be aware that no dark thing, no sin, no misery, no ignorance, can ever be truly done away except through the awakening of your own soul.
No one can save your marriage, your relationship, your life, your poverty, your pain except yourself. Do not claim that someone else is responsible for your happiness, if you do, you will drop to the dungeon of hell.

Raise your glass and drink to your inner power, your power to awaken from your inner darkness. Your power to create any kind of life you dream to have. For this power has been placed into your hands by your creator along with the gift of freewill. Your power to create a higher reality, to bring forth a life of wonder, beauty, peace, happiness, abundance lies in the core of your being. Connect to your inner being via dedicated effort. Know in your heart that you are a seed sower. You harvest whatever you sow. So this Christmas, sow some good seeds for your future. For whatever you plant today is what you are going to harvest tomorrow.

Wish you joy, peace, wonder and a holy Christmas.

All my love and blessings to you and family.

Hong Curley

Freedom to Love is truly a gift of love, the form of love that is honest, authentic, tough but tender at the same time. Your friends and families who receive this gift will thank you forever.