Today, be honest, make today a day of honesty. You may be thinking, “ I am always honest.” Think again, most importantly, feel your body reaction upon your thoughts. How do you really feel when someone asks, “ How are you?” and you reply, “ I am good, thanks.” Are you? Are you feeling really good truthfully, or is it just something you say automatically because you don’t want to know how you truly feel? Be truthful to yourself at least, otherwise, your whole life will turn out to be a big lie.

If you feel stuck, acknowledge “ I feel stuck.” If you feel confused, acknowledge “ I feel confused and lost, I don’t know what to do.” If you feel that life is not fair, say so. If you feel useless, say so. Honor your feelings, this is the least you can do to honor yourself.  Don’t be afraid for being judged by others. No one is judging you except yourself. They are all too busy judging themselves. Whatever you think is just your projection.

You will find as soon as you become open and honest, you are giving everyone around you the permission to do the same.

What happens to honest living is remarkable. In expressing your true feeling, many doors will swing open for you. Why? Honesty is the key to open the doors of inner growth. Lies can only open doors to more lies. Honesty opens the doors that lead to real experience of what your life is truly about and who and what you really are.

Every negative emotion has a positive aspect. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge them both. You are not one or the other, you are all of your feelings and emotions. Don’t get stuck in duality for too long. Go beyond and choose to stay neutral to life. Nothing is ever only negative, and nothing is ever only positive.

For example, confusion means you are at the edge of a major breakthrough. When you feel lost, when nothing is certain, it means everything is possible, it means the whole world is your playground. It is up to you to create what you wish to accomplish. When you are angry, it means your deep fear has come up to the surface to be resolved. Every situation is an opportunity to create a better version of who you can be. So give honesty a chance. It will give you deep level of freedom.

Remember, every single moment of Now offers you a new opportunity to create a brand new life, from this very point forward. Don’t waste too much time on past stories, you really don’t have the luxury to waste time. Your past and future all exist right now at the power of your conscious choice. You are standing right where you are, whenever you make a choice, you change the past and the future spontaneously. So if you are truly happy with the life you have created so far, I celebrate you, and please celebrate yourself, but if you are not truly happy, then you have the power to change, right Now, at this moment. All you have to do is to choose, to change, and being honest with yourself is a very good place to start.

Love and Joy to you all

Big Hugs
Hong Curley