Private consultation and coaching is Only available for people who have taken the time and make the dedicated effort to read and study the book Freedom to Love 3 times.

If you read the book 3 times, and still feel that you need extra one on one support, please fill out this form Here. Hong will personally evaluate your situation and determine whether she is able to take you on board.

Please note that there is a minimum of three month waiting period for Hong’s private consultation and coaching service.


How can this one on one consultation/coaching help me?

  • Give you clarity, help you get what you want
  • Emotional, mental and physical detoxification
  • Break through mental barriers of what has been holding you back
  • Help eliminate your sabotaging pattern
  • Rewire your brain for success and abundance
  • Help to design your long term and short term goal
  • Raise the level of your consciousness
  • Help you make quantum leap towards your goal
  • Offer you powerful tools for massive achievement
  • Optimaizing performance
  • Recover from chronic sickness
  • Design perfect health plan
  • Anti-aging support
  • Restore loving relationship
  • Marriage Rescue
  • Resolve conflict
  • Help to build self-esteem
  • Create a harmonious environment in workplace
  • Create a peaceful, loving happy home life
  • Help you face difficult challenges and triumph over it
  • Help you let go of trauma and move on
  • Give you greater freedom to consciously create your ideal life


There are four levels of one to one consultation and coaching available:

  1. One on one coaching: $1000 two hour session.
  2. Marriage coaching: $8000 4 hours a week for 4 weeks.
  3. Family healing day coaching: $15,000, two day event, up to 20 family members.
  4. Executive coaching/cooperate/work place conflict resolution/team work/leadership coaching: $8000 one day event, up to 4 members.


Please fill out this form here to register your interest in private consultation/coaching with Hong.


“The most difficult thing—but an essential one—is to love life, to love it even while one suffers, because life is all. Life is God, and to love life is to love God.”

—-Leo Tolstoy, “War and Peace”