Quantum Leap Practise Success

A 12 week DVD “Quantum Leap Practice Success” training course will be available for practitioners who wish to fast track their practise success.

The 12 week course will cover 12 essential modules for optimal clinical success. This course will give practitioner wings to fly.

Here is the preliminary outline of the course:

  • Week 1: Design your ideal life
  • Week 2: Raise your vibration to attract unlimited abundance
  • Week 3: Wire your brain for success
  • Week 4: Design your ideal practise
  • Week 5,6: Build a successful business management system

a. Build a strong business Foundation
b. Create a winning business Structure
c. Applying spiritual principles to fast track success
d. Create an effective operating system
e. Employ a successful business strategy
f. Set a million dollar business goal
g. Construct a successful business plan

  • Week 7.8.9: Build a successful patient management system

a. Build a strong relationship foundation that turns every patient into a lifetime client
b. Work with Spiritual Laws that govern success
c. Create a powerful patient management structure
d. How to turn patient’s pain into power to heal
e. How to meet them where they are and take them to where they want to go
f. How to turn every patient into a raving fan
g. Transform your organization into a powerful healing center where people want to belong

  • Week 10,11: Metabolic Subtype

a. How to identify your patient’ metabolic subtype
b. Diet, herbs, and exercise program for each subtype
c. How to manage each subtype’s emotional state
d. The power of detoxification

  • Week 12: Quantum Leap to clinical success

This 12 week DVD home study course will be available to practitioners in Oct, 2014. This course is only for those practitioners who are willing to make the commitment to build a thriving practise. Practitioners must register by filling out an application form. I will need to go through an assessment process and see whether they are qualified to take this course.

This is a Quantum Leap course, so it takes commitment and effort. If you expect your patients to commit to you and make effort to get better, you must first of all demonstrate this value and live your own talk.

The result of doing this course is financial prosperity, personal satisfaction and spiritual transformation. What I teach in this course is my own blue print for success. As you know, I retired at the age of 45 with freedom, health, happiness and fulfilling relationship.

Personal development is an on- going journey, your business has to be an extension of who you are.

Please send me an email to empowerme@hongcurley.com to obtain the application form.