Self-knowledge is the foundation and the key to personal development, life transformation, success and positive relationship in every area of our life. 

In the absence of true self knowledge, we hurt ourselves and others through misguided perception that we are separated from each other.

We walk around with an inflated ego and identify ourselves as that ego. Ego knows nothing but wanting to gain personal significance. It only thinks in terms of I or You, or Them. Our ego knows nothing of reconciliation, working in unity, loving our neighbours, or forgiving our enemies.  These qualities are attributes of the more conscious human beings. These teachings came from those enlightened human beings who have gone before us. If we ever want to live in peace within ourselves, with our family, neighbours, nations, we must first of all overcome our ignorance. We must focus on cultivating self-knowledge in order to live in a state of healthy and harmonious interdependence with each other.

True self-knowledge is not about reading as many spiritual books as you can.  Reading 10 million books won’t help you know yourself without personal effort to apply spiritual wisdoms into your daily living.

Last week, I met a nurse who said to me, “Affirmation does not work”. I said to her, “Nothing will work unless you trust it will work, and make every possible effort to make it work. It does not work only because you don’t make enough effort to say the affirmation on a day to day basis, and because you did not mean what you said. Saying affirmation without engaging your positive emotion or feel in your heart the meaning of the positive words is like praying to a God you don’t believe existed.

Personal development is not possible without long, consistent, single-pointed focused personal effort.

I learnt from my own experience that true self- knowledge involves mercilessly exposing my dark side, admitting my ignorance, and facing misconceptions about myself. The aim is to find out how I created so much suffering and emotional pain in the first place and learn how to overcome my ignorance at the most fundamental level. Again, I can only acquire self-knowledge from committed and persistent personal effort. Without making personal effort, self-knowledge is not possible.

Since thought itself organizes what we perceive, we need to develop in us a spiritual faculty that can easily recognize misconceptions and transform the negative thought pattern into a positive one to enhance our lives.

Can you see blessings in the face of a perceived trauma? Can you see light in the face of the darkness? Can you see hope in the face of loss? Can you feel peace in the face of chaos?

Your perception about every event in life is what gives you your perspectives, and your very perspectives is what forms your opinion and powers your belief. Be careful how you perceive life. Every thought you have plants a seed for your future. Be aware of your thoughts, your emotions and watch your deeds and evaluate them consciously. Are you planting a seed of prosperity, abundance and harmony or are you planting a seed of poverty, scarcity and chaos?

Freedom to Love

Hong Curley