Your book Freedom to Love should be the practise manual for every doctor, every psychologist on the planet.
Wu Guo Zhen, Author
I got more out of one chapter of your book than reading hundreds of other self-help books out there.
Michael C, Scientist
Your book has made all the other spiritual books I have read insignificant!
Great work!
Julie Edwards, Author
Hong is a new and powerful voice that needs to be heard by the world. Freedom to Love is one of the most insightful books I have read since Conversations With God. A powerful guide to extraordinary living.
Dr Raymond Lee, Neurosurgeon
I could replace half of my bookshelf with just this one!
Vivian Tong, Creative Director, Lecturer
This remarkable book is filled with gems of therapeutic insight on how to unlock stuck patterns within your subconscious so that you can break free into the radiance of your empowerment.
The moment you start reading will be the moment you begin to shift.
Hong is truly one of the most powerful healers I have experienced. She is the embodiment of a gracious goddess and a peaceful warrior.
Freedom to Love is a must-read.
Dr Deanna Minic, phd, Health Expert, Author of Quantum Supplements
I have a list of people’s name that I want to buy your book for. What better gift can I give to family and friends? I am so honoured to have a copy in my hand.
Sumitha Z, Human Resource Consultant
Dear Hong, I have finished reading your book! There was almost not a moment when my eyes were dry. Your book has touched my heart and soul in ways I can’t even describe. Just unexplainable tears… tears of joy, connectedness and peace. It was crazy and amazing.
Your book was exactly what I needed. Reading just one story in your book empowered me so much spiritually, that I was able to talk to a friend with depression without absorbing his pain myself.
I used to be dragged down by depressed people and so I avoided them. After reading your book, I was empowered with so much wisdom that I now have the power to inspire my depressed friends instead of being dragged down by them.
In the past, whenever a friend spoke to me about deep psychological problems, I just automatically wanted to say that they should speak to you, only because I know how much you have helped me change my life and awaken me. The seeds you planted in me are sprouting and I need to keep nurturing them with my inner work.
Thank you so much Hong for your eternal support and love. I am not really sure if I would’ve had the strength to push on without your help. It does sadden me that most people do not have the same vision as you but I know that one day, they will see the light and that they will become a light of their own.
And you are right, your book really does contain all the tools one needs. Your book contains all the spiritual principles. Even A New Earth and The Power of Now pales in comparison to your book. In a way you have ‘dumb downed’ the spiritual principles by writing about everyday situations and problems and applied these wisdoms to cure physical, mental and emotional problems. You are the greatest facilitator.
So much Love to you Hong…
Jennifer Vu, Macquarie University
Freedom to Love for me is a bridge that transformed much confusion into clarity. It has been the missing link that made everything clear and simple to understand and relate too.
I have read many many books on the quest of self-improvement, heightening awareness and consciousness – yet none clicked everything into place as beautifully as how Hong’s freedoms to Love did for me.
For me, freedom to Love effectively joins the dots with all collective teachings and gives you that real feeling of “I can see clearly now the rain has gone.”
Freedom to Love has become a tool of reflection, self-study and an ability to truly contemplate and create my life in a new light of awareness.
It has positively & dramatically impacted my life on a dynamic scale.
It shone a light on the path I didn’t realise was right under my feet.
It helped open my eyes and updated my sensory system to perceive my world and everything and everyone for something much much different to how I did before.
This beautiful book created a healing shift for me and created more opportunities to grow from.
Freedom to love is a book that flows and captivates. It touches the heart and soul with its ease to be read. It draws you in as you feel and relate to each part of its wisdom and it becomes a book that you can’t not read again and again. As , no matter how many times you read this incredible book, there is always something that will jump out and be that something you needed to read and perceive in a spiritual light.
I just love love love this book ! And I love the amazing woman who wrote it !
I believe this is a gift to the world and needs to be shared with all!
I highly recommend Hong as a life coach .
She is a remarkable woman of much wisdom who speaks truth with love, passion and no judgment .
She has an incredible ability to shine light on the truth that destroys ego and lead your soul to freedom for real healing to flourish.
I look up to Hong with the love and respect as if she was my own mother.
Been in her company you feel safe and nurtured. In her presence, you will know and see she is the living action of what she teaches. Hong is different to many. She “walks the walk” and doesn’t just “talk the talk”.
PETA Walsh, Artist
Dearest Hong!! Thank you for bringing this magic into my life!!! From the very first page I was hooked!!! It has made me cry, laugh, cry and cry some more!!! The amount of liberating experiences you have encountered is mind blowing!!! Some of the lessons I knew but somehow couldn’t manifest! After reading your words it all made sense and my heart filled with LOVE & now I feel ALIVE & ready to live the life I desire!!! I love you! Thank you.
Lisa Schulz, Fitness Instructor
I was completely absorbed in Freedom to Love from the first page. Hong Curley is a vibrant and engaging storyteller with a powerful message to share.
Her poignant and colourful stories illustrate the detrimental effects of not listening to our inner voice, of not being guided by the wise soul inside us. It highlights how our physical ailments are usually a sign of disconnect with our true nature. Each story shows the transformative power of reconnecting to our soul, and the benefits to ourselves and those around us.
I found it different to many other self-help books on the market due to the sheer strength of the stories taken from Curley’s own life. It’s both a humbling and inspiring read.
Best of luck with it Hong,
Dear Hong, thank you for writing such a wonderful book. Last night I finished reading it for the first time. It is one of those books that I will be reading many more times. I especially enjoyed the wisdom, courage and love that you have shared. I had a powerful insight into my life this morning and this can only be attributed to you. I realised that I have given my power away. In the past this would have led to me bingeing on junk food or drinking alcohol. Believe me, there was a powerful energy pulling me in this direction this morning.
However after realising I had given my power to this other person I was able to sit through the sadness that followed without effort. I look forward to sitting with your book and contemplating the many rich insights in the time ahead. Thank you.
About 8 years ago, I started to feel I was lost and I tried to look for what was missing in my life. I started to read self-help books from Tony Robins, Darren Hardy, Rhonda Byrne and other inspirational authors. I appreciated the powerful words and work of these teachers. Although they did inspire me to find my life purpose, I still felt unsettled and discontent.
Your book Freedom to Love, Hong, has helped me find what I have been looking for. Through your amazing teaching, I have found my inner peace, the clarity and the understanding of my higher purpose.
I am overwhelmed by your experiences and am amazed by the wisdoms behind each one of your powerful story. I am so honoured to be able to read this book before I turned “30” (Yes, can’t believe it, it is coming in 2014!!!).
I will surely use these wisdoms for the rest of my life and I feel so fortunate that I can pass them on to my kids as well.
Thank you so much Hong!!
Sandy Wu, Chartered Accountant Brisbane
I received a copy of Freedom to Love as a Christmas present from my friend who said to me “you must read this book!” She was told about it from a co-worker.
I completed my professional Counselling diploma in 2003 but it never felt right to go out and counsel, something was missing? Hong, you have inspired me to go out there and start living my passion now.
How you counsel is brilliant, spiritually. You remind people of their responsibilities, bring to light their incongruities, and introduce them to heal through forgiveness and love. I have read many books from Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Florence Scovel Shinn and many more, but I love how you describe love, forgiveness and self-healing in your powerful stories and clinical cases that make you truly think. I myself have been more mindful of my thoughts since reading your book. I haven’t stopped recommending your book to the people I know and will buy a few more copies to give away as presents. People really need your help, Hong, you are on the top of my list for self-help books.
Dear Hong, thank you for creating such great piece of work. Freedom to Love truly is a wonderful, life changing book. It is full of factual information, help, love and compassion. I won’t be letting it out of my life. I have recommended it to a lot of people and most have said they will be purchasing a copy. To those who are unsure of getting a copy, just notice the change in the people who have read it. You will see the living proof of the power the wisdom in this book has instilled in them.
I find with other books they tell you how you should feel, what you should do, and make you feel as if you are a lost cause. Your book makes me realise that I am a normal person with normal feelings and everyone else struggles as much as I do, and it is OK as long as I continue to work on myself. I also feel that I have a backup team cheering me on. Thank you so much Hong.
Hong, your book Freedom to Love is of tremendous value to me. I have been in conflict with people in a committee environment and I was very stressed and depressed about it. The wisdom in your book has shed light into my world and got me out of my inner struggle. The chapter “ Mirror Mirror of the World” has helped me so much in seeing how the unpleasant behaviour of those people are the reflection of a deeper part of me I tried to disown. I have learnt this principle in my Reiki practise as a Reiki master practitioner, but it has never been this clear to me until I read your book.
The difference between this book and other self- help books is that your book is about real life. It was written in simple, every language and every chapter relates to someone I know.
I have recommended this book to my family and friends. I could see how beneficial it would be for everyone. I have already had people buy this book on my recommendation and they are amazed by it.
In love and gratitude
Beth Mills, Reiki Master Practitioner
In this world there is a great need for love and happiness. All of us desire a life of happiness without suffering. In Hong’s book, Freedom to Love, she teaches the reader how to realize an inner potential to achieve peace, love and happiness. She is able to do this through her own life experience and the realization of truth by opening her heart to others, leading by example to the practice of human compassion.
I met Hong and her family during one of my retreats and we have since become good friends. She continues to support my cause, the Tibetan Children’s Fund through her great kindness, generosity and her enduring wish to help others.
I can see that Freedom to Love will benefit all those who wish to transform themselves from a state of negativity and ignorance to a state of positivity and wisdom. I highly recommend this book for your own personal development.”
Lama Tendar, Buddhist Lama
You are searching for solutions to your problems and treating your poly-ills with poly-pills. However, what you need most of all to heal your inner pain and lack of fulfilment is the illuminating, transformative wisdom in Freedom to Love.
This powerful book is filled with the culmination of Hong’s personal and professional life experiences, which has been distilled into gems of therapeutic insight on how to unlock negative patterns in your subconscious, so that you can break free into the radiance of personal empowerment. The moment you start reading will be the moment you begin to shift. This is a remarkable manual for healthcare practitioners. It will surely transform your practice and your own life.
Freedom to Love is an extraordinary gift to humanity!
Dr Deanna Minich, PhD. Author and Health Expert
It was a privilege to work on Freedom to Love and I would classify it as the most rewarding job I have ever undertaken. If you only read one book this year, make it Freedom to Love. I am reading it for the third time.
Garry G Parsons, Professional editor, Author
I am crying because I have just finished reading your book. Words are inadequate to express how enlightening I feel to look at life through your vision. To produce such a magnificent work in a second language is a credit to your intelligence and dedication. I know your book will change and bless millions of lives. It truly is the most wonderful gift to the world.
Julie Edwards, Author of Enough Already
Dear Hong, I have spent most of this week reading your manuscript. Your powerful words have moved and shaken my heart and soul. Your work should be embraced as a teaching manual for all the psychologists, counsellors and healers alike. I have concluded your practise success formula: To treat a disease, you must heal the person; To heal the person, you must heal the heart. Then the nutritional medicine and herbs you use on patients can create remarkable results. This is a great formula, no wonder you have cured so many people.
I must tell you that you are a master story teller. Your story has moved me into tears many times. These stories undoubtedly have the most powerful healing effect to cure diseases and transform lives.
I have written a review for your book as follows, I have written it in Chinese because it is closer to my heart.
Wu Guo Zen, Author of A New Annotated English Version of The Analects of Confucius
我是在加拿大首都渥太华读到Curley Hong 的Freedom to Love一书的电子书稿的,那是正式修改完毕的、正在印刷的PDF版。随着阅读的深入,我有一种越来越强烈的感觉:要是每一个从事心理治疗的医生都能读到这本书那该多好!Hong 的书里的理论和实例,并不是她凭空想象出来的,而是建立在她的几万个实际的、成功的医疗案例上的经验总结和理论升华,因而应当被看成可复制的、能行之有效的。但我在这篇review里更想说的是,是什么原因使一个我昔日的普通中学的学生成长为今天有一定影响的心理治疗专家。我想可能是她比别人的经历更坎坷、在那种坎坷中更能自我疗伤、最后把自我疗伤的经验用之于他人的原因吧。 Hong 的痛苦来自她的天性与教育制度的冲突。当时(乃至现在)中国的教育制度是通过一种非常严密的组织形式向学生灌输科学文化知识,让他们记忆大量的事实以应付全国统一的选拔考试,考试成功者可以升上各种大学或专科院校。在帮助数千万贫苦家庭的孩子通过这种严酷的办法取得比较体面的社会地位的同时,这些孩子的创作造能力也不可避免地受到了抑制。Hong 的天性是好奇的、探索的、开创型的。她不愿意在枯燥的背诵和记忆中度过自己多彩的青春期,所以她的学习成绩不好,受到老师的鄙视和厌恶是必然的。记得她第一天来到我的班级,她就告诉我她以前的老师骂她笨得像猪傻得像猫。她说这话时眼睛里充满被爱的渴望。跟Hong 所在的发达城市不同,我所在的地区非常落后贫困。我们用不很先进的设备教那些贫苦农民的孩子。幸运的是,我们有极为优秀的和极端敬业的一批老师,还有我一生见过的最有仁德、最有才华的校长。这位校长就是Hong 的伯父。当然从他那里Hong 没有得到任何特权,有的只是严格的、谆谆善诱的教导。面对成绩极差的学生,我们除了宽容和鼓励没有别的办法。Hong 来到我的班级时成绩比这里的农村孩子还更差,但我们没有骂过她,这种宽容,对她来说或许已经是一种爱了。中学毕业考上大学之后,Hong 有了体面的大学教职工作,她衣食无忧,业绩斐然,受到学生的敬重,但她依然不幸福。在寻找真爱的过程中依然经历过许多挫折,这大概就是她决定前往澳洲的原因吧。澳洲给了Hong 以自由发展的空间。尽管她有打工夜归受人惊吓的经历,但她挺过了困难,并且,非常幸运地,找到了她的真爱:丈夫的爱、子女的爱和社会无处不在的爱。Hong 的人生前期没有得到太多的爱。有人说,没有被爱的孩子长大后不懂得爱别人。这句话不完全正确。其实,在寻求爱的过程中受挫的人,往往对爱和不爱非常敏感,而这种敏感对于像Hong 这样的心理医生来说至关重要。她可以引导病人去分析、去体味和珍惜爱、去付出爱。Hong 的书名叫做Freedom to Love。爱成了她日后治好无数心理疾病的一味良药。当然,懂得爱的力量的人比比皆是,为什么Hong 能独树一帜呢?那是因为她能从最隐秘的地方发现爱、挖掘爱,而且还身体力行地去实践爱。这里说的“最隐秘的地方”,指的是可能被别人误解为“恨”的一种情结,比如恐惧和嫉妒、无助和怨怼、暴怒和报复。很少人能从这些负面的“恨”中挖掘出正面的“爱”,而Hong 是为数不多的几个中能设法做到这一点的一个,这正是她的高明之处。这里说的“身体力行地去实践爱”,读者可以从她的书中叙述的案例故事去自行印证,而眼前最明显的例证是,Hong 写这本书本来就没有什么功利目的,她仅仅是公开一种以爱疗伤的处方,甚至这本书的收入,也早就纳入她的慈善计划的范围之内:她要用出书所得去资助一些需要帮助的人群,也就是说,要把书中说的爱化为现实的爱,去帮助更多需要爱的人!
吴国珍, 作家

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