Why Detox

In the modern world, you are constantly exposed to massive amounts of environmental and lifestyle toxins.

The very air you breathe is loaded with carcinogenic chemicals.  Your precious water in cities and towns has become a soup, which poisons you daily.  Your intake of chemicals is increased with exposure to plastics, paints, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, detergents, carpets, car, cigarette exhalation, cosmetics, skin care chemicals, antibiotics, steroids, new wonder drugs, preservatives, additives…..the scary list goes on.

Inevitably, the level of chemicals builds up in your system. They are usually stored in your fat cells.  However, your poor body is not designed to cope with such high level of toxic compounds. If these toxic compounds stay in your system for too long, they become the source of serious diseases.

Biochemically, the bowel and the liver are the body’s primary defence barriers for protection from reactive toxins and infectious organisms. When they are overloaded with toxic build ups, they become defective, and fail to function properly. Their dysfunction then directly increases the toxic burden, which affects the immune and nervous systems, producing inflammatory reactions and neurological dysfunction.

Chronic activation of immune and nervous tissues by toxic accumulation is one of the main causes of most chronic degenerative diseases.

Clinically, you may manifest the following conditions

  • Compromised immune system, get sick regularly or stay sick for prolong period of time
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney damage
  • Skin eruptions
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic headache
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Cancer


Detox Your Inside, Protect Your Life

As the chemical load reaches critical levels, they begin to compromise the normal function of your vital organs and eventually the whole system.

Nowadays, so many people are suffering from regular headaches, stiff joints, fatigue, gastric reflux, bowel inflammation, heart disease, infertility, diabetes, asthma….the list goes on. Systemic toxicity cannot be ignored in the treatment of these conditions. Detoxification and repairing of the defective bowel and liver function allows the overactive immune and nervous systems to normalize and reverses the processes of degeneration.

Once these systems are restored, your body’s tissues and cells are able to release stored toxins and excrete them through the normal detoxification processes of the liver and kidneys. This is exactly why you should detox, to have your defective biochemical system restored so your protective and eliminative processes can maintain your ongoing health and wellbeing, and to prevent the development of chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease and cancer.

The Integrated Detox Program at the World Detox Summit 

This August, a comprehensive program designed by world’s detox experts will be available on line for you to study and learn. This program is the culmination of hundreds of years of experience from the world’s top 30 biochemical scientists and doctors. The amazing thing is that this on line event is free for you to join, what a blessing!!!  If you go to see these 30 experts at their private clinic, it would cost you thousands, but Dr. Deanna Minich, the host of the Summit has the grand vision of making this event a global phenomenon in which every single person on this planet can get free access. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Here’s just a few high lights of what you are going to learn:  

Gut, Liver Detoxification and Integrated Support.


As toxins and allergen inevitably causes leaky gut syndrome, which allows large particles of protein and other compounds to enter directly into the blood via the gut lining, it is vital for you to learn how to detox the gut and restore its integrity so as to avoid dangerous re-absorption of toxins. The experts are there to teach you how to do this properly, otherwise, you will dump stored toxins into your system and in turn cause more problems.


The liver is the most high power organ for converting chemicals into a form that can be excreted from the body via the kidneys and bowels.  The experts will teach you how to detox the liver properly so you can restore the function of the overworked liver. There are two phases in the bio-chemical process of the liver detox, and this process is quite sophisticated. Listen to the liver detox experts and learn how to effectively cleanse your liver and regenerate it.


We all know how powerful the mind is. The question is: Is your mind working for you or working against you? Will the bio-chemical detox be able to thoroughly cleanse your system if your mind continues to hold a poisonous thought? Is toxic thought a form of toxin that kills your vital function? You bet it is.

Your thought literally creates your reality. Whatever you think becomes the story of your life. If you think you are a victim and someone else is responsible for your happiness, you are doomed. Negative thoughts cause the expressions of dis-eased genes. Your genes do not determine your destiny, but your thoughts do, your beliefs do. Listen to the world’s mind detox experts and share their empowering insights on how to make your mind work with you and create a positive life changing experience.

Integrated Support

The on- going success of your detox will require your commitment and dedication. How can you achieve anything without personal effort? Health is your greatest asset, without it, what do you have?

After the Detox Summit, you will be offered a Detox Challenge in which the experts and myself will take you by the hands on a day to day basis to go through your personalised detox programme. You will need to make certain modification to your thought patterns, diet and lifestyle of course. The beauty of this detox challenge is that you can tailor these changes to your needs and requirements and the level of wellness you wish to attain. The power is in your hands and the experts are there to facilitate the process of your transformation. You will experience a profound shift in your health/disease paradigm and will be motivated and encouraged to take quantum leap in achieving your health potential.

Register Now for World’s First Detox Summit. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. Be part of this global movement to change the world, one person at a time.

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