You possess an awesome power.
From the moment your soul chose to walk on this earth, you were empowered with one of the greatest forces in the universe— the power to transform the possibilities of your mind into the reality of your world.

This power is your consciousness; it is what determines the outcome of your life.

Clearly, no one wants an unhappy life, but why do we see so many unhappy people? If we all possess the power to create a fulfilling life, why do so many people feel helpless and despondent to the extent that they lose hope and become depressed and angry?

Everywhere you go, you see more fatigue, depressed people than happy people. Everyone you talk to is fighting against something: a disease, a divorce, a financial crisis, a relationship problem of some sort, a battle of inner conflict…the list goes on.

If the outcome of your life is determined by the essence of your belief and you are not happy with the outcome, then doesn’t it make perfect sense to go deep into your psychic and exam your deepest belief in true honesty? When will be the right time if not Now to face the deep dark truth and find out what exactly is holding you back; what is stopping the abundance, prosperity and vitality from flowing into your life?

It may be scary to go into the deep dark cave where your inner demon resides, but unless you release this inner monster, and free yourself from its bondage, your life can never truly get better.

How can a flower blossom when there is a deadly poison deep in the centre of its root?

How can your life blossom into one of abundance if you carry a poverty consciousness in your psychic?

How can you find true love if deep in the centre of your being, you hard wired your brain to believe that you are not worthy of love?

How can you attract wealth into your life if deep down you doubt your ability to create the flow of money and forever fear being poor?

Every person wishes to be happy, but very few have found the happiness they seek. Many are driven by the belief that “Seek, and you shall find.” These seekers have been seeking for years and decades, but still have not found what they are looking for. Have you ever wondered why? A modern mystic Osho said something that I resonated with very much. He said, “Seek, and you will miss.” Why? Because you are seeking in the wrong place; you are barking up the wrong tree; most importantly, you have been seeking from a wrong state of being. You seek wealth while holding on fear of being poor; you seek health while holding on fear of being sick; you seek power while holding on fear of being insignificant; you seek importance while holding on fear of being a nobody. Since your inner state of being is the determining factor for the outcome of your life, what chance do you have to create a great life when deep down you are holding on fear as your motivation?

Today, exam your inner state of being. Remember, as within, so without. If you want more money, you must feel rich right now; If you want more success, you must feel the feeling of success right now; If you want more love, you must feel loved right now. There is no other way to attract more good things you want into your life unless you enter into your own very being.

Freedom to Love
Hong Curley